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LA West - TX East Tour

LA West - TX East

SWLA and SETX are known for their large industrial presence and for the multitude of Hurricanes that have wreaked havoc over the past few years.  What often isn’t heard or seen is the resiliency and hospitality of the people in the communities.  Everywhere you look is a smiling face and a helping hand.  This is just a small part of why this area is a wonderful place to call home.  Another great reason to reside in the area is the abundance of top notch golf courses.  From Casino courses to hidden gems, there are plenty of choices to always keep you either entertained or keep your game at a highly competitive level.  This is exactly what the Eagle AM Tour team wants to bring as a service to the players, a Fun, Friendly, yet Competitve experience of golf for everyone with a smile on our faces!    

Tour Director

Jason Katchur


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